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The Yoga Philosophy Course

Learn what Yoga is really about

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About Us                                           Click here to enroll 


This course is sponsored by A Charitable Foundation Corp (ACF), a 501c3 non-profit private

foundation.  One of ACF's mission statements is to foster harmony among all spiritual paths

and religions, something at which Yoga philosophy excels.  ACF also sponsors environmental protection, humanitarian relief, scientific research and education.  ACF is not affiliated with nor

does it receive donations from any spiritual or religious group. 


David S. Druz, MD, our course coordinator, is a director of ACF and has been responsible for

running this course since its inception in 2005.  Dave's job is to be an organizer rather than a

teacher, to present the material in a straightforward way while keeping his opinions on the side.

See Course Basis. 


Dave's scientific and medical backgrounds have lead him to ponder most of the penetrating

questions raised by rational westerners when facing Yoga's deeper concepts.  Students discover

that this experience is exactly right for someone coordinating this course.  


Dave has spent most of his spare time since 1996 learning about Yoga, comparative religions

and spiritual practices.  He has traveled to India, Tibet and Nepal seeking pilgrimage sites and

bona fide Self-realized masters.  He does spiritual Yoga practices about 3 hours every day,

exercise Yoga classes when able and does his best to put Yoga into practice 24/7.  Dave now runs a small financial company and before that was an ER doctor. 



We do not charge money for this course.